CityCraft Development LLC is a longstanding design/build house that focuses on developing highly desirable new apartment buildings and luxurious modern single family homes in North and Northeast Portland. We are devoted to bringing much-needed housing to the area, housing that serves not only the bottom line, but the needs of the community at large.


Our team has decades of experience building homes in the Portland area, doing everything from full remodels of old homes to modern luxury apartment buildings. We bring remarkable insight into every stage of the building process, ensuring that our projects regularly come in on time and under budget. Combine that with our incredible in-house design team, and it’s easy to see why our projects are some of the best in the area.


Mostly in the modern style, our multi-family homes have floor plans which make the most of limited space, premium finishes, and a look that will make tenants proud.


Our one-of-a-kind newly constructed modern homes feature gorgeous kitchens, wide open spaces, and carefully selected finishes, all coming together with impeccable taste.


Many of our projects feature fully finished detached or basement ADUs, giving incredible flexibility to our homeowners, whether rented out or kept as a space for guests and family.


Sometimes we just love a project so much that we keep it for ourselves, from apartment buildings to small multifamily properties that seamlessly blend into the neighborhood.


The stately elegance of a traditional craftsman cannot be overestimated. Ours bring the latest in technology along with all the fine detail work that makes this style so remarkable.


Why tear down an old house when you can bring it back to life? We love old craftsman homes, and nothing makes an old beauty come alive like a thorough remodeling.